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Advice on how to deal with friends/rumors during a break

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Recently my ex decided that we needed to take a break from our relationship, if you want to know more please read my other posts. But recently I have been getting phone calls from at least two of her better friends who said they still wanted to be friends with me, one of them even told me about things that was going on with my ex (stuff that my ex had told her about me and her). My ex then called this friend and lied to her to get info from her, my ex claimed that she had already talked to me about her new guy she was kinda seeing and I said I already knew. That was a lie because I hadn't talked at all because I am trying to respect her space that she wants. My ex then told the friend (I know this because the friend talked to me again) that she was upset that I was calling her friends for info about her, but that's not true the one called me with the intent on telling me these things, I never called any of them for info. Another thing that confused me was that my ex then ran into one of my good friends and told him that she wasn't going to be talking to any of her friends (at least not these two, yes there was another I talked to about her but he called me) because they were suppossed to be her best friends and they were spreading lies about her. She also said that there was no new guy. She then told him that all she really needed with me was time, and he said that she was almost in tears when she told him. I'm just so confused now. On one hand it sounds like she still really cares about me and wants to be back with me......eventually. But then on the other hand it also sounds like she may have been telling the truth about the new guy and was lying to my friend. What exactly is going on here?

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