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My uphill struggle (Warning: Cheesy motivational post!)

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Hi all, I've literally just come from an uphill struggle. I went to play football with some people I've just met on link removed (nifty site btw), the pitch is down the bottom of a long hill, it makes for a nice easy cycle there but a hell of a ride back. After an hour and a half of football I got on my bike and set off.


After a few metres I realised this was going to be tough, my bike is single gear so it was peddle power all the way up. I gritted my teeth and went for it, I couldn't sit down and peddle because my thighs just didn't have it in them so I stood up and hammered away. The roads are pretty empty at this time of night so I had all the space I needed as I wheezed my way up. When it started to get really tough and I thought I would have to stop and walk I did something unusual for me, I started talking to myself!


"C'mon, you can do this, lets go!" Then I started to think about how this was similar to the way I thought to myself when I was at the lowest point after my break up. It's a pretty obvious metaphor, borderline cliché, but it really was an uphill battle. When I was down there I couldn't see how I would feel better or ever get back on top. It was hard, but coming here really helped, learning to do things for myself, being reminded that this will make me stronger and happier in the long run. With this in mind I stopped talking to myself and started talking to my ex!


"I'm not letting you bring me down any more! You think I wasn't good enough? I was too good for you! I gave you my everything, I made you my world, I was willing to give up my dreams for you, well not now! I'm doing this for me, I'm getting up this hill and it's making me stronger, I'll be the best me I can be and I'll be happy for it. One day you might miss the unconditional love that you gave up for an exciting new fling, maybe you wont, either way I'll be doing what's best for me! I DON'T NEED YOU!" (FYI this a censored version, many expletives deleted!)


At this point any cars going past with windows open think I'm batsh*t crazy, but it got me up that hill. Now I'm back home, feet are sore, my thighs burning, lower back aching and nipples chaffing! But I feel so good, I feel I achieved something difficult and when I almost gave up I pushed on. So this is how I'm gonna think whenever I start reflecting on my ex and our relationship, whenever a song or a place reminds me of her I'll remind myself that pushing through the hard points always feels good and the thing I'll regret the most is if I don't try, if I allow myself to dwell.


So I guess the cheesy moral of the story is that life is all ups and downs you just have to use the journey back up to make you stronger! So if you're at the low point now, it gets better, just focus on you, do some exercise, spend time with friends and enjoy being single again! Before long someone special will wander in to your life, probably when you least expect it, but you'll be ready and you'll wonder why you even bothered with that good for nothin' ex!


Peace n love people



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Great story and very inspirational, Lawrence. Being a competitive athlete (runner), I know how it feels to get over obstacles like that! Working out and running both helped shape myself for the Cross Country season I'm in now. I'm in the best running shape of my life, top of my team, and don't look too bad either. moral of the story is physical exercise is not a bad thing during these times! Use it as motivation to succeed in other areas of your life! !


There's light at the end of the tunnel, ENA, if you work for it, you will achieve your goals! Best of luck everyone, and hugs out there to those who need it! Stay strong!

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