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Interested in someone else. Now he's being overly flirtatious!?


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Long story cut very short, I had a "thing" with a guy several months back. It didn't work out so we went our separate ways.


Since then, I have met someone else. It's early days still and it's going great. The "ex" recently contacted me out of the blue apologising and wanting us to remain friends, so I thought why not? I no longer have feelings for this man, but I'm more than willing to be friends with him.


I told him about the guy I am seeing at the moment, which he seemed to accept quite well, but all of a sudden he's become overly flirtatious and might I say needy, to the point where it's becoming quite creepy. He'll call me babe (which he has never said in all the time I have known him) and try to get me to admit my true feelings for him. He'd also speak of coming out to visit me at some point. A lot of is it spoken in a jokey manner, but it still makes me quite uncomfortable.


I guess I just wanna know why he might be doing this? I'm pretty sure he knows I am no longer romantically interested.

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If he is interested in you, it's probably for the wrong reasons:


1. You're now unattainable, and thus a challenge he can't resist.

2. He feels territorial, like a kid that doesn't want to share toys, even the ones he's not playing with.

3. I think this is common for a lot of cases where someone's ex finds someone new. You know it wouldn't have worked out, but you hate knowing that they've moved on.


I think you should stay away from him. If he was a true friend, he would be more considerate of your feelings. If he doesn't want to date you, then he shouldn't be implying it.

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Are you kidding? Why would he want to be friends? Of course he's romantically interested. The big question is why are you 'more than willing' to be friends with a former love interest when you're in a relationship? What benefit could there be to that? Don't you see how that's going to cause problems with your current relationship?

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