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Best plan of action to get GF back

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Well my GF and seem to have broke it off after 6 months. I have a little more understanding of whats going on than I originally did. It seems that there are many holes in her life and issues: "No friends, job problems, memories of an dead fiance, relocating"


Any way she says the door has not slammed shut on our relationship, its just that she needs to be friends until she can sort some of these things out. She says none of what's happing has anything to do with me and I deserve to be treated better. That there is no way that any one person can fill these holes in her life.


We have decided to be friends with a goal of it becoming a loving relationship again or just remaining friends. It will depend on how it goes. I don't want to be to pushy here, as the first couple weeks we broke up were confusing for both of us. We will both tell each other if we decide to date again. I was thinking about having a night set aside once a week where we know we will see each other, but maybe again that is being too controlling.


I did try to break it off telling her to call me if she thought we could work this out, but she started crying. She told me if I left that she would be all alone with no friends at all. She also understands that if I need some time to myself that, thats OK as long as we can stay friends.


Not sure what to do here. Its still a little painful for me right now. I feel I could handle being her friend, I believe she's being honest with me. I have been down this road before. And for me I have had many lady friends from previous relationships. It takes me about the same amount of time to get over them wether I see them or not. Once I accept where we are at. Would like to have this work out. Any thoughts?

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She's pretty much focused just on herself, which is fine, but that doesn't mean you should stick around to make sure she has some friends (ie, you are better than nothing).


Fine, be friends, but I say go out and find a ton of other women. Nothing helps you get over the last one like the next one. Maybe you'll get back together and maybe not, but don't hatch plans to get her back.

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Well yes it was a great relationship until the last month or so. One of the best I have had. So yeah I would say I would be willing to put alot into keeping her if possible. There is no sure thing here I relize, except for the friendship. I would like more. But on the other side there is uncertainty in all relationships.

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