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how can i get her??

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ok. i am in love with a girl. we are family friends and have a close relation. but i am too scared to tell her that i love her. we are of the same age.i have her tel. no and her e-mail ID but still too scared to tell her. shoud i send her a love letter,i.e an e-card?? then what else should i do? phone her and tell her??what to do?? please help because i am crazy about her!!!!

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You are 14 years old and i doubt you even understand the whole concept of what love is. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you do for this example. You do not need to tell her how you feel about her, you dont want to scare her away. Continue being friends with her, spend more time with her and see how she responds to you. From her actions you should be able to tell if she is interested in you. Once you have found out if she is interested in your or not then thats when you move to the next stage.

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I would say that even at 14, you do understand what love is. I remember my first love was when I was 14 and to this day, I still think about him and have warm feelings.


You could send her the e-card, or an e-mail, and tell her how you feel but the problem is that you won't get to see her reaction. If you tell her face-to-face then you will see her reaction. You will probably be able to tell instantly how she really feels by the look on her face.


I would caution you to not get too deep, just keep the conversation light-hearted and say something like "you are a great friend, I really like you a lot..." Then see how she reacts. If you are as good of friends as you say you are, then chances are that she has already thought about this situation and how she will reply.


Good luck! Let us know what you decide to do, and how it goes.

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