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What should I do?


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Ok I recently stopped dating this girl cause she fell for a nother guy. Which they are now bf/gf. Ok well I met this girl best friend while we was dating. I started to like her more as I dated this girl. But I wanted to see how things would go with her.


Now that I am not talking or see this girl I started to talk to her best friend. Which she is very shy she doesnt talk to much. Im shy but if you start talking to me ill sometimes wont stop. But I have tryed to start convo with her but she seems to choke up or something.


But she will talk to this other guy and most others but she really never talks to me. We have done stuff together when me and that other girl was dating. I dont know if she likes me and she is just to nervous to talk to me or what. Cause she found out that I liked her.


See we work in the same area just different departments. Ok well one day I didnt say nothing to her cause that was the day after she found out that I liked her. She says to me "So your not talking to me now". I told her know im talking to you now in a joking way. Well yesterday when I see her I said hi to her she looks at me and smiles and says nothing.


I was like hmmm thats weird. First she gets on to me about not talking to her I start talking to she says nothing. Then later on I ask where some1 was she acts like nothing happened and starts talking to me. But she just anwsers the ?. So I really dont know what to think of her.


I just thought I would let things go cause her friend that I dated I dont really like cause she treated me badly but thats another story. Should I continue to talk to her or just let it go and let her try to talk to me she has my cell # and stuff. I just dont know cause I feel like I made some kind of move. I also asked her to go with me some where last weekend but she said know cause she had plans already.


Is she just like that cause she is shy to the people that she likes or is it cause she really doesnt like me im confused on this one. Cause usally when i like some1 it's hard for me to start convo with them. So what do you all think?

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I think you should back off a little and see how she reacts. If she asks why you don't talk to her so much anymore, then that would be a good sign that she likes you, or at least likes talking to you.


I think she's just shy. Thats what it seems like at least. A lot of people are shy around the people they like, even if they aren't really a shy person in general.


Maybe she doesn't want to have a relationship with you because you dated her friend. I know I wouldn't date a guy one of my friends dated, even if I liked them, but I guess everyone is different. If she does say something about you not talking to her, then just get to know her more. Even if she doesn't want a relationship, it doesn't mean she doesn't want to be friends.

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