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smelling good down there...

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Yeah... really never had that problem. I always thought that if you didn't clean yourself with over the counter products, you were nasty, but really you can make a problem worse by useing that crap, plus it isn't good for you at all. If God wanted you doing that, you'd think it would be in the Bible. You know, guys also have "smell problems" but they don't have to use anything but a shower, so I would think just a nice looong sudsy shower and you shall be fine! Just don't go overboard... that can turn into a problem. In more ways than one!

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A lot people have been saying to take bubble baths. I wouldn't do that too often if I were you. It can cause urinary tract infections. They're NO fun. At least that's what the good ol' doc told me when I was really little. I used to get UTI's a lot when I was younger and the doctor said it was b/c I was taking too many bubble baths. I stopped taking bubble baths and it hasn't been a problem since. Plus if you clean yourself too much in that region you increase your risk of getting a yeast infection. It kills the good bacteria that fights off the production of yeast.

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Yeah I heard about bubble baths leading to UTI's also. My little sister gets them a lot. Most little girls get them though. Not fun. They make you very sick, you wouldn't think so, but it seems like your dehydrated. I know I posted that maybe taking bubble baths could help, but I really don't see how there would be a difference, because your just sitting there, soaking the outside of your body, not the inside. (we have concluded that it's not healthy to wash out our insides)

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I'd just like to add that if the smell is a continuous problem, it wouldn't hurt to talk to your doctor, as it can be a symptom of other conditions in the vaginal region.


I've had some not-so-pleasant smells that have been cured by a little more attention to hygiene... believe it or not, I found that a little hair trim can help you keep the area cleaner and thus it smells better.

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I was always taught to be very gentle with my genitals when bathing. As a little girl I was told that I shouldn't use soap near my vagina (vulva was okay, but only external parts), only warm water and a wash cloth. Was I taught wrong? It seems to me that I'm seeing a lot of people claiming that only rigorous scrubbing gets the job done. Also, many people have told me (parents, health teachers, etc.) that it's not good for girls to clean their vaginas so thoroughly. Basically the same thing that my mother taught me. Adults preached to me that douches and hygeine sprays weren't a good idea.


Don't get me wrong, I bathe and shower twice a day and definitely give attention to my lower regions, but I never worry about scouring everything down. I also use minimal soap (not shower gel, but very gentle soap), and wash gently. And I never have any problems (except when I'm on my period, but that's a little trickier, I guess).


Maybe I'm wrong though, and we all should go scrub with Comet and steel wool every morning. That's the idea I get when I see/hear what some people say about their hygeine habits.

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HAHAHA! Comet and steel wool? Damn good one! lol. Anyway, you are right. As I said before, you shouldn't clean too thoroughly in the nether region. Some people even believe that you shouldn't wash at ALL but I wouldn't go that far. You should wash everyday but do it with a gentle soap. Nothing with perfumes or really strong fragrances added to them.

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When it comes to vulvar hygiene, showers are better than baths. Gentle, mild, non-perfumed soaps are better than heavily scented ones because for some people the heavily scented ones cause irritation down there. And be sure to wear loose, breathable clothing and preferably cotton underwear.

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I wouldnt worry too much. I'm sure you don't smell anymore than everyone else. I mean no girl or guy for that matter smells like roses down there. This is how god made us. If we were animals men would be attracted to that scent, and a few of my guy friends say they love it and it turns them on.


Its all natural so i wouldn't be self conscious about it and if your boyfriend has said something then he's an idiot.

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dont u wipe front to back right? lol Isnt that ur question? If you wipe back to front it brings up the stuff from the back to the front and sometimes it stays and creates a infection.. You can get a yeist infection if u wipe the 2nd way..the first way is how ive known..lol


Hey that sounded real scientific! haha im a genious! J/k No ide reccomend monistat One...It works if u have a yeist! kk Bye

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