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are there really gender roles??

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hey everyone. okay this is a weird post its just something that ive noticed and its been on my mind. i notice on this forum, its always guys saying how their gfs broke up with them and they need new ways to impress their gf, i dont know just stuff. guys are always trying to be sweet or are always at the negative end of the relationship. i dont mean NEGATIVE, just like the guy is the one who is always hurt. and it makes me feel as if theres something wrong with me because the two guys ive liked im the one who got her heart broken. i may have broken a few hearts as well, but ive only been in one relationship and i didnt get that kind of attention. i dont feel its necessary, and it just makes me feel as if maybe i should be expecting a guy to be like this. trying to impress their girl. like today for example, this couple who lets just say i dont respect, theres just some serious issues. but today was their 9 month anniversary so the guy who is my age dressed up in a suit and everything to school because his gf has mentioned that he never dresses up for her. i dont know, i think this is insane, am i just not "needy" enough, is it weird if the girl is the one who is hurt? i look at posts and its always the guys trying, i dont know...any comments are just welcome lol. thanks bye.

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I don't think thare are any universal things with regard to how guys break up differently than women. We all hurt when we break up.


However, it think guys once in love, fall out of it less often and have a tougher time getting over it. When we fall, we fall hard and want to stay down.

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Hmmmm......I dunno bout that.


I've known many girls who were in relationships and ended up being the "dumpee" rather than the "dumper"


I think there are some gender roles we unconsciously perform.......however today some typical traditional gender roles seemed to have dwindled. Such as dating for instance. It was usually the guy's given role to ask the girl out on a date. However, it is becoming more common for the girls to do the asking.

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ya i agree that things are changing. but about how guys fall harder, i think its the opposite, actually i think gender actually has nothing to do with that...more the individual. i know that there are girls that are the dumpee, it just seems as if its so uncommon i feel as if its an insult. anyways, go on everyone lol.

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