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Thinking about getting a tattoo...

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I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of a lizard, reptile, chameleon, or something like that on my right arm. So what I want to ask before I might get one is:


What do people think of people who have tattoos in general? Am I going to be perceived as a completely different type of person if I get one? Reptiles, etc. are my favorite kinds of creatures but I dunno. Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo?


Thanks for any advice.

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Why do you want to get one? I think some people with tattoos are perceived to be more of a 'rebel' type of person (but maybe not..a small rose on a girl's ankle isn't that bad for ex.) But it seems kinda unnatural to me..I like my skin 100% natural in other words. But some people feel it is a form of self-expression & creativity..it's really up to you. Also think about how you'll feel with it there for another 60+ years. Do you want to grow old with it? You may think it's cool now, but when you're 30 and going into the business world (possibly), do you think they'd want to see a big reptile on your arm? It's not very professional. It depends on your job though.


Just thought I'd give you a few opinions. Lots of teenagers think it's cool now, but then regret getting it a few years later, so just make sure you really want it & would be happy with it permanently. Same thing goes for tongue rings, etc. (although you can take the ring out if you don't like it I guess.)

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I am almost 50 and I am thinking about getting my first tattoo. I am going to get my wife's pet name in Kanji on my arm. I have talked to people with tattoos quite a bit latly. Most of the people I know that have them fall into one of two groups.


Group 1: I got drunk and got it, I hate it.


Group 2: I thought about mine for a long time and I love it.


Its your body its your tattoo, if you pick it out, if it means something to you, if you are sober when you get it done, there is no reason not to.


Getting it where you can cover it or expose it is a very smart thing to do.


You will have yours longer than I will have mine, spend the bucks and the time to find a good artist. Ask you friends who is good. If you have an older friend that still gets new work done talk to them.


Dyes can fade badly with time, a few extra dollars spent up front may be worth it in 20 years.

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if you want one just get one

is your skin too pretty ?


i have big ones on both arms and my only regret is that i didnt think enough about how big i wanted them

would have stopped at one if i had got the first one bigger


like everything else - dont be scared of it just be sure about it



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I personally don't like tattoos, but I don't really have a problem with people who get them. My sister has two and I don't really have a problem with them. I guess I view people who get them as a bit rebellious, but not in the jailbird type way. More like creative with their bodies.


Anyway I'm glad you're thinking about getting it somewhere that you can cover it up. A word of caution: if you like to travel, there are some countries that you might have issues with if you have a tattoo. That's probably the last thing on your mind, I know, but a lot of people in my training session were surprised to hear that some Japanese bathouses and public swimming pools won't let you in if you have a tattoo... cuz its associated with criminals and such. But don't make your decision based on that lol I just felt it was my duty to inform ya

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the young lady from japan does have a point

i am not that tattoed - both upper arms but when i was in bath houses in germany people wouldnt talk to me !


there was another guy who had alot of tats and they wouldnt talk to him either - turns out he was russian mafia and they thought i was too

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I am an artist, so my opinion differs a bit. I see tattoos as a thing of beauty and artistic expression. I have one on my left shin bone and a larger one on my back. I personally don't percoeve anyone who has them any different then anyone who doesn't.


Think on this, are you going to love reptiles when you are 90? That is always the question I ask myself when thinking up some new ink. I am not in any way shape or form trying to discourage you from doing it. I just think everyone should consider the permanece. (Not saying you wouldn't, but some people don't). Make sure you find an artist you are comfortable with. Body mods and the pain that comes with them are a very personal expiriece, you don't want someone there that makes you uncomfortable. Like someone said already, be sure it is an area you can cover up if need be. You mentioned your upper arm, which wouldn't be a problem hiding. And DON"T except anything less then perfection. I know this sounds odd, but when they draw out the design look it over very carefully for anything that sn't right. A good tattoo artist will be happy to change whatever you don't like.


BTW, I think your avatar would make a pretty cool tat,


Good Luck


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i am 19, and already have three tattoos on my body ..one even a coverup (that being my first when i didnt know anything about tattooing the rest are staying forever!) but all of mine are easily covered by clothing..most people dont perceive me any different just because i have tattoos. i am just a very artistic expressive person and my tattoos have meaning to me although i dont like sharing it with everyone because some ppl may think im too sentimental and corny ...oooo welll thats me! and if you are feeling the lizard, reptile etc. go for it....AND FOR YOU UNIFORMED FOLK OUT THERE IF YOU ARE GETTING TATTOOS WHEN YOU ARE DRUNK YOUR NOT GOING TO A VERY REPREBLE TATTOO BUSINESS!! the one i go to is very clean and sterile and you must be sober to get one! so check out credibility too. i have about two more tattoos i have planned on getting but then im done..beware they are addicting hehe! i wish u the most of luck!

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Just let you know, if you do plan on getting a tattoo, avoid getting one on your neck, lower part of your leg, your wrist, or back of your hand. Tattoos are offensive to some people, and when you're in the work force many employers require you to cover your tattoo up. If you have one smack on the back of your wrist you probably won't even be hired.

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