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Help I lyk this grl need a little boost to ask her out Help!


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Best thing for you to do is talk to her, if you want more out of your friendship then talk to her and let her know you feelings otherwise your not going to get anywhere. You don't want to be thinking after if you miss your chance "What If" and it's a horrible feeling, believe me.


You don't know until you ask her, just sit her down and explain your feelings to her and see what she feels for you. If she doesn't want to be more, that's fine then you have to accept that, that's it. Tell her that whatever happens you want to always remain friends with her.


Hope this helps


- whitefang

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If you're best friends often you have high probability of success if you're both not in a relationship.


I would have dated my best friend if he asked me out 2~6 years back. Now though... eh... lol, I have a wonderful boyfriend whom no one can replace!

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