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Attraction the long lost path to my soul


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My main point is to tell all you guys out there is that if your looking for your dream girl or your going after the girl of your dreams you need to create attraction. How might you do this? Its quite simple just be in your element and make her laugh, all girls are attracted to humor in one way or another. What girls dont like are clingy desperate guys and if they do happen to like you for being clingy and desperate then they are probably in the relationship for their own selfish needs. For example lets say you meet this really hot girl in the club, you instantly feel attracted to her, but suddenly on the next date you spring your feelings on her, this is a big no no. What most girls are looking for especially the hot ones are a challenge. They don't want someone who is willing to settle for the first piece of hot azz. They want someone who is unpredictable and fun, if your around your girl all the time then you will fall into a routine and a pattern and your chemistry will be lost because you will have became predictable. The key in scoring with hot girls is all about being different. Remember they have guys all around them 24/7 wanting their ph#, telling them hot gorgeous they are, you need to come up with a unique approach to the situation. It works best to be funny and self confident. Never reveal your true feelings on the first date, Always be bold, don't be afraid to maintain eye contact with a girl whos really hot. Last but not least once a girl gives you the "friends" talk her stance will never change.

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Haha, this is great....finally someone that gets what I've been tryin to say. It's well said, but mind if I elaborate a little?


When Borashi here says that guys need a unique approach, and not to be predictable he is totally right...but most guys are probably saying "well I shouldnt have to change myself to get a girl to like me"....no thats not what is meant by it. I have a few things Ive learned myself lately about girls from recently going to college, and I find these two are probably the most important.

1. It doesn't matter how much you LIKE her, it only matters how much SHE likes you! Just b/c you think she is the most beautiful and attractive girl in the world, doesn't mean she's gonna feel the same for you.


2. This is a hard one, but guys need to learn...when a girl says in order to meet girls, or get them, they always point out to 'be yourself'. In short...be confident, be relaxed, have a good time. These are things that might take some time....but you need to learn them. MOST of all, if anything, GUYS you need to STOP, repeat it, STOP CARING WHAT SHE THINKS ABOUT YOU!!! The more you think about screwing up, or think about what she thinks of you, YOU WILL screw up....you will get yourself nervous, and worried etc....


Sorry if I went on too long there...but I've been trying to get that out

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This is kind of like Deja Vu, I actually was thinking of this concept earlier this afternoon. I was in a hardware store that I've been to many times before and this really hot girl is a cashier there, well everytime I go in she says hi to me and gives me the biggest smile, so I figure what the hell, instead of always being so "serious" around her, I'll just mess with her so I started out with "Why aren't you wearing your cmas outfit?" I know that sounds kind of retarded but its all I could think of at the time and then she kind of gives me this look and then she starts laughing. After that I cut off the fun, looked her directly in the eyes, gave her a big smile, and told her to have a nice christmas. See the key is to not act desperate and ask for her # right away, get into her head by using a little psychology. I planted a seed with the joke I made today. Now when she looks back on her day she'll think about me (as I was different, I used humor to stand out) from all the other clowns that she dealt with today. Now I'll see her again after New Year's and I'll mess with her again, its like a game of cat and mouse, you have to play when she wants to play, and you have to pull back to show your confident. A lot of what your doing is acting, playing to someones needs, yes it might be manipulative but how else are you supposed to meet women? or interest the attractive ones? I've noticed its easier to play with the shy ones a lot of the time, because they'll laugh at just about anything you say if they are attracted to you from the very beginning.

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