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Theres a guy I REALLY like, but I don't know what to do...

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There's this guy at work, I shall call him Bob so I don't reveal his name. He works on the checkouts and I work in the cafe which is right next to the checkouts. I am being moved to checkouts on Monday, so we will be in the same department.


Anyway, I am a very, very shy person, and I want to tell Bob that I really like him. Well, you know, I want him to get the message at the very least.


Someone I used to work with in my department found out that he is a really nice bloke and that he doesn't have a girlfriend, which is good.


Now, here somes the tricky part. I am moving to checkouts on Monday, meaning we'll be in the same department from now one. If we'll be working the same shift is another story.


Working on the checkouts isn't exactly easy to get up and start talking to someone, unless they are the checkout behind or in front.


He is such a nice guy and he is so gorgeous! And I want him so much (LOL) and well, I want some tips and tricks to get the hint accross without seeming like an idiot.


Please do not mention letters and stuff because that's something you do in school and I am way past school crushes LOL.


Also, I was wondering if there is such thing as classes that you can go to to help get over shyness and get conversation tips etc...


Thanks =)

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To get over shyness, you need experimentation. Learn what works, and work at that. I have a friend, and for some reason her personality jsut works. The first day I met her she just hugged me. We flirted with a normal sort of talk.


I just think you need to smile and have a firm strong hey. The more times you just say hey and stuff he'll get curious to talk to you... so just give it a shot.


Good luck



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There are assertiveness training courses, but they are usually for work related prolems. I've never seen a class about how to get over shyness in respect to dating.


Maybe you should try talking about something work related, and see where it goes. If you are in the same department, it will be a lot easier to find something. Start small, then hopefully you will begin to feel more comfortable.

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