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physical flirting question


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What are some of the best ways for a guy to really develop his physical, playful side in order to spice up his interaction with women?


I was about to catch a bus when I saw a slightly younger couple at the bus stop, physical flirting (or playing) with each other. But If I happened to be the boyfriend, we probably would have been holding hands..and not much else except talking.

(feel free to laugh! I accept my mistakes.)

Anyways, physical flirting is totally lost on me, since I've hardly been a real touchy-feely guy in the first place. I'm not afraid of touching a girl at all, but I hardly seem to have a playful approach with girls like some other guys do. Growing up, I was rarely in situations where I would say something to the girl in my class which envoked a playful, touch response from her..such as a light slap. I guess back then I was either shy, or didn't really get a clue for learning how girls reacted from anything that boys did.

Currently, even for some of the women that I've known for a while, I try to avoid lite-physical flirting because I'm afraid that I wouldn't know what I'm doing and that I would be taking a big risk. So I tend to stick with the usual verbal flirting, while other men my age are making better progress. I really, really, need help on this one!


Thanks and Good Night!

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Practice in front of the mirror doing fake expression on you face once you can do them on call, use when approperiate.


Air Kiss - after you said something funny and or co*ky make a kissing sound and give a pretend kiss.


Say something serious then bump her as* with yours playful like, you might get into a as* bumping match.


Go to kid school ground for some more ideas.

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You need to start off slow and warm up to the idea of displaying more physical affection. You are going to need this build up, start off with things that you are comfortable doing then become more experiment. There is no right or wrong move here the idea is to be spontaneous/playful, so its something that you could also do in a joking way. You are just going to have to do it and stop worry about anything else.

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