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"Every Tom Rich and Dan"- the beginning of my onli

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Hi all... I feel like I have been living a double life for so long, but now it is getting more complicated as I move further into the open with it. oh, that subject is too hard to even start with so lets move to my present problem. I chat online quite a lot, have friends online I have never met. Some are from this website, some friends of friends, some random people I forgot how I met(two I believe).

One of these groups is a bunch of friends in England. I met "dan" on vacation while I was going through what I like to call my hormone burst. You know, hit puberty, and boom! suddenly guys are a lot more interesting and to complicate things, I suddenly became very interesting to guys. Anyway I never did anything with dan, but he was with me when I kissed another guy(that kiss was a point of many lessons, much lost trust, and many more complications in my already confusing early teenage life). dan, who is probably not the best company but is a really good friend, introduced me to his close friends in england, "tom", "rich", and "harry"(hehe, I couldn't resist).

Tom and I clicked when we met. Ok, so at first he did seem a little shallow, but as we talked I saw beneath that. He is really confident, my big turn on, and you know it is there if you can feel it in IM! But we just flirty with each other. Unfortunately, rich also thought(or rather, still thinks) I was an angel. It wasn't the same as with tom, but we were still flirty, compliments and such.

My mom, still distrustful after the previously mentioned kiss incident, aloud me to use my webcam with the rules 1)no kissing and 2)no undressing.

Oh, the webcam was a huge hit in England, and some other places. I invite people to look and the compliments just start flowing. Anywho, dick was the first to see it after dan, and he complimented. A few days later(yesterday) tom got his first look because "dan has been bugging me bout it". I wasn't surprised. I had told dan already I thought tom was the hottest thing since baked bread. He didn't tell I don't think, but I don't really care if he did. Anywho it was afterwards that tom said "wow, rich was right! You are sexy!". So I was being talked about, huh? I was flattered but wanted to make sure I wasn't becoming the girl in the group to be passed around. I will continue tomorrow- respond with anything you can, just saying this helps.


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well, you are just starting out in life, so i will just offer two advice


this first one is not even my own! i read it from a recent SHE magazine (now that's a brit mag). i paraphrased it as follows:


flaunt it while you can. one day you will be 40 and flabby. then, your spirit will be willing, but the body is weak (or fat)


the 2nd one is mine. no regrets. if you show yourself on the internet, you should know the price you pay. if one day you should find yourself in love with someone who cannot accept your 'exposed' past, it will be too late for regrets. so open your eyes, pay the price, and never regret.

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