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My ex and I have been getting along very well for the past few months. She called nearly everyday after our breakup. Last week she mentioned the thought of us getting back together, I still care about her so I agreed that we should try. I picked her up to take her out for dinner, small conflicts in scheduling caused me to be later than planned. When I mentioned this to her she got very angry with me. The rest of the evening didn't go much better. We missed our dinner reservations, soon after she asked to go home. On the drive to her house she mentioned that she only views me as a friend. It was a bit upsetting but knew I at least wanted to remain friends. When we arrived she asked me to drive 30miles back to pick up some photographs at my house. Unwillingly I did only to arrive back at 11pm, just in time to see the lights in the house shut off, thinking, "alright she'll be out in a minute." After 10 minutes and no sign I left feeling very used and confused. I tried caling her the next day but she was unavailable. Again I called monday but she still didn't and hasn't called back. I'm going to end the phone calls since i'm guessing that's what she's hinting at. I didn't want to lose her friendship but it seems that's what has happened.

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she sounds like a horrible person. Unforgiving, inconsiderate and very bossy. I say stop contact with her, but if you cant. Then the next time you guys decide to do anything, make sure you show a bit of courage and dominance alright? On your last date it sounded like she dragged you around like your her little bit*h.

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Ok this is just my opinion it seems she wants her cake and to eat it to,The thing about driving back to get pictures hmm I dont get that but I would have said no 30 miles to get pictures then to drop her back off that is kinda mean,I think you deserve better if she is going to act like that,Do you really want someone telling you they are your friend but wont talk to you only when they want to?I think it's tough getting out of a relationship and being friends with the ex I am doing it now and I am still in love so it's hard,I think the thing is you were doing well for a cpl months she was calling and being nice then boom u take her to dinner and now she wont talk to you dont play her games dont let it get to you and be strong because it's hard,If you really want to remain friends with her then you should call her and talk to her but if she is not available dont call let her miss being around you and talking to you and then mabe she will call,But from what it sounds to me is that it's a game and games are no fun that is why I dont play them good luck and anytime you need to talk pm me

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She broke up with me the first time.


Second time she was calling me threatening to have her friends come and kick my ass, calling me names, etc.. When she got there she began crying saying she wanted to work it out. She kept telling me she pushes people away but it takes time for her to not push someone away. I was extreemly mad, told her never to call me or talk to me again, etc. way too much drama.


Third time she broke up with me again. Again calls of "i'm seeing my ex boyfriend" who she constantly put down. I felt bad for the guy and I have never met him. Although I should have known she was cold after our first date.


Either way it's obvious i'm being used.

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