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Ok well I recently got this crush on a girl, and I have never talked to her before nor am I in any classes with her. Anyways I've always managed to work in my eye contact with her while walking down the hallway (she soooo knows im looking at her 8) )


Anyways just today I realized that even when Im not looking at her in the hallway, shes looking my way and now its as if our role's reversed . Anyways anyone know how I can go about this? Friends of mine has told me "Just go up and ask her her name, and introduce yourself". Well I know this good ol technique but its just really hard in my case because shes always with at least three of her friends. I find it hard to go up to her and introduce myself unless shes alone.



Anyone got any ideas as to how I can approach this?

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lol your post made me feel like laughing so much. Here i am being one of the biggest sissy I know, and there you are calling me a stud......



I dunt even know if she does like me or not (sometimes the human brain has a very strong ttendacy to make me believe crazy stuff) and your calling us love birds



HAHHA brb, i gotta go scream in my pillow.

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Okay heres some real advice frome someone like you.

I used to be just like you, I never could ask a girl out B/C her friends were always around. The best thing to do is go up to her and ask if you two can talk alone, that has always worked for me, maybe it will work for you.

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