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Problems again!

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You may have read my post yesterday, but things are developing in a really strange way for me. I realise I have strong feelings for a girl, but she has been bullied at school quite a bit recently. As a result she finds it very hard to trust anyone, and is always looking for the worst in people and the "hidden meanings" in everything etc. So my attempts to be friendly are being seen as something to be avoided. I know that she is a lonely person, and I really want to show her that she is special to me, and I care

How should I approach this situation, if at all????

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the best you can do is try and talk to her and say that you like her and shes special to you and that you arnt trying to hurt her. say it with meaning and comfort her. thats the best you can do. if she still doesnt respond positivley then back off for a while. still say hi to her in the halls and stuff but take it slow. good luck!

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Are you sure you just don't like this girl because of what she is going through? Sometimes our natural instincts is to go for the vulnerable. I would just try to be her friend for now.


When I was in HS I had almost the whole school turn on me. So I can relate to her. So it is good that you stand strong beside her, but don't seek for your own personal gains from it. Do it because you feel it is the right thing to do. I know from my story, it was tough to trust anybody. Trust is earned not given, and it is an easy thing to lose. You may have to fight some of her battles just to gain her trust. However don't expect anything in return. It may not go the way you want, and remember you will may have to pay the consequences of what you do.


I'm all for the underdog, so hang in there, but for the right reasons!



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