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How do i even know if she is interested/


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ok i met this girl online, who lives in indiana, i live in california, LONG way away.. now we 'clicked' we both got out a relationship. (both of our ex's cheated on us) now im not sure if shes playing me. th first day she wanted to

have cyber sex with me... i havnt dont it in a long time so i decided to do it (we didnt meet that way, we started talking a bit and went into cyber sex) then she signed off...


next day (Yesterday) she says her computer froze or somthing.

now yesterday, we started talking like the day before.. and it got kinda sexual... for a little bit... i did as yesterday, went with it..


now today i was kinda fed up.. because it seems she only wants me for 'stories' so after it was getting kinda sexual, (wow 3 times in a row) i said.. look i am kind of uncomfortable doing this when we dont know each other THAT well.. and we talked about it. and she says that she really likes me alot. and truests me with stuff.. and says that im the sweetest person she has met online.... now i dont know how to feel.. is she playing me? or not? i mean we kinda talked about it and she says she thinks about me all day.. ect. well... how would i know if she is some girl who is just horny and wanted me just for sex. or just is rushing into this relationship.. she says she would like it to to grow more... please leave your thoughts. im confused.

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I don't know how you'd tell.

There are a lot of weirdos out there on the net. Now that I think of it, it does strike me as odd that she jumped right into the cyber sex thing though.


Maybe it would be a good idea to cool things with this person for a while. Most people that want serious relationships don't try to have cyber sex when they first meet.


You have to be REALLY careful who you talk to on the web.

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exactley thats why i asked for advice...



are there any 'sneaky' i guess you can say, methods on me knowing its a girl? she dosnt have a profile, she says she never wanted one, she says she dosnt have a mic or pic.... she says she dosnt want me to call her... yet...

any ways i can find out?

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I'm sure your happy to see me again

Anyway, I thought about this some more and it really sounds like she's on the rebound. She was maybe looking for a quick thrill to help get over her cheating ex. It does sound like she was playing you.

Most girls don't go on the computer and have cyber sex with someone they've just met unless they are under extreme emotional distress.


Giving her the benefit of the doubt: o.k, maybe she does like you. She has said so. You have been really nice to her. But she just got out of a bad relationship which means she's on the rebound. In my opinion, I don't think she's as serious about this relationship as you are.


I hope that helps you a bit more.


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Girls online can be pretty deceiving. I once met one offline that seemed interested in me, but I never really looked into the fact that she had recently broken up with her ex. Turns out she went out with me twice but then disappeared one day and never heard from her again. She just wanted someone she could use as a puppet to get her mind off her ex. Maybe this is what the girl is doing to you man. You've never even seen her pic - she could be unattractive and unpleasant anyhow.

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