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I'm so not myself

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I never really post, I usually just go to the unanswered posts and answer them the best I can. But I have a problemo.


At school and church I'm two different people. I'm mostly myself at church but at school I feel like I can't be myself. I don't have close enough friends at school that I could be my outgoings self. I usually am very outgoing and happy. I got into Drill Team at school to possibly make new close friends but also be able to dance. I'm dancing but those friendships haven't been made. I guess I'm a little too impatient and can't wait. Everyone's tellin me it takes time but, most of the girls on my team have found someone that they can really connect with. I haven't. I don't have that many guy friends at school so that doesn't help either. I thought being a sophmore this year and being involved with the school would help my chances of being myself and making close friendships. It hasn't worked out that way I guess.


I guess if ya have any advice give it. I know what you might say...just be myself anyway. Tried that. No one seemed to respond well.

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Well i dont really know how to respond on this one.But how i usually made friends was just out of no where talking to them in class and i didnt really know how we got to be such good friends.What your doing in class should be alright.I agree with other people when they u should just be yourself and let things flow.Sooner or later someone is bound to notice u.Maybe u should just try to talk and make some conversation with people and maybe if they like the same things u like and u get to know them well overtime u can just maybe ask them if they want to do something sometime.Iono i hope that helps

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