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for the past year I have liked this girl at my school. We have many things in comon including sports, band, chorus, birthday, ect. because of our similar intrests we see each other a lot and bolth have the same friends. She knows that I like her and seems to use it against me. Most of the time she puts me down but occasionaly she will start a friendly conversation and we actuaally get along. Today she got a boyfriend who I Hate and seems to be going out with him just to spite me. Please tell me do I have a chance?


P.S I have never liked a girl so much in my life and refuse to choose someone else. we are bolth 13

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I personally don't think you should be interested in her if she really is just trying to spite you. However, our judgements aren't always right. I think you should make sure if she doesn't like you by asking around (just make sure she doesn't find out!!!). On the put down thing, she could just be kiddding around with you, or she could be doing it because she secretly likes you. I'm 13, so I understand. I wish you luck with her!!

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