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educational abuse? family services? d.f.s?

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It seems when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong, right? Well it does for me, at least anyway. As you all know I have went back to homeschooling because of being 'homeless' and just really not liking school. I suffer from depression, and everything else you have read in the past posts of mine.


Now I am living back in a home, of course with one of my Mom's boyfriends but I have a ROOM! I was out of school for two weeks without doing any sort of school work, and just today I got my homeschool books.


My Mom calls me about 3pm and is bawling her eyes out. Someone had called family services/d.f.s on her. A lady contacted her and said something about educational abuse, said they heard I hadn't been to school *ANY* this school year, and they need to do an investigation.


I've done a lot in my home school books tonight, and have proof I've been in school this year. They said they'll be here at 9:00 am tomorrow morning.


I honestly don't know what to expect. Are they just going to ask questions? Try to put me back in public school? Take me away totally? Take me away just for the investigation? Does anyone have any idea what'll happen?


I am just really nervous and I haven't been able to eat or calm down. I just need any kind of input. Please. Thanks for listening. I'm trying my best to handle things, everything. But as soon as I think everything is back on track everything goes wrong again. I'm holding on though.


Thanks for reading and any replies are greatly appreciated.


Love to Everyone,


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Hey under,


I personally don't have any experience with this field, but best of luck to you. Sadly you don't have much of a say. All you can really do is tell them the truth. I wouldn't worry about it too much, especially if you have been in school and are in the process of switching to homeschooling.


The one thing of concern for me would be your lack of social activities with other peers. School isn't fun at all for some people, and when I have actually been in a public school (did some volunteer work there), I wanted to get out right away. I couldn't imagine trying to learn in such conditions. I'm sure many schools accross the country are good, but there are equal amounts of really bad schools. You may just not like the way the school conducts business or the people that go/teach there. My point being, you've faced many challenges so far, and you've overcome way more than anyone would have expected from you. You've sadly had to face many difficult times in your life, and it saddens me to hear that your learning experience so far hasn't been great. You always have the future to look forward to, and once you're 18 you will have a say in what you do, where you go to school, where you live, etc. For now, hang in there and try to stay tough, I know you can do it. For tomorrow, I don't know what you should expect. No matter what happens, though, we'll always be there for you.



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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my post. It meant alot, and everything you said was so kind.


I'll give you an update. They came today and they were very rude. They told my Mother she was a failure as a parent for letting me dress the way I want. They told me that I deserved to be taunted because I brought it onto myself. I went to a little school, wear all black and was different so they felt the need to make fun of me He said I should either change the way I am if I didn't want to get taunted or accept it.


I have 2 choices now. Either homeschool for this year and go back to public school next year, or go back to public school now. If I homeschool now he'll keep in contact and if I fall behind (which I won't) he'll open a court case to get me back in public school.


I'm going to homeschool this year. I'm going to get 'better' and prove to everyone I'm not just some 'depressed loser' I'm more than that, and I'm going to prove it. But for right now, I am really depressed. I have to fight with myself and tell myself many times a day to keep going and not give up. One part is losing hope, while another is not going to give up.


I'm scared. Because I want to make it through. I don't know how much more I can take though. I am crying again though, so that's a good sign. (since it got so bad, i could never cry) My moods are getting better. I know it takes time, and I'm giving it time. *sigh*


Thanks again, aireyc. You are very kind. If you ever need anything, I'm here for you, like you were there for me.



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Well I hope it works out, and just try to good in homeschooling. I haven't been homeschooled so I'm not 100% sure, but I would bet it is easier to concentrate when you don't have to worry about your peers attacking you. It does sound the people that came today were quite rude, but just look at them as the other people you want to prove wrong. I haven't had any serious problems within my family, but most of my successes have come off of me trying to prove someone wrong.



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Don't worry about what those people said. It seems like they were just trying to hurt your mom and you. I admire you for dressing the way you do and not caring about what others think. You know your mom cares about you enough to let you be who you are. So don't even listen to what they said. You and your mom both know that you are right, not them.


Those people don't sound like nice people at all. Of course they are doing it because they care about your education, but seems like thats all they care about. They don't even know you though, or what you have gone through, so don't listen to what they say about you or your mom.


I know that you will do well if you try. You can prove them wrong. So just try your hardest.

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