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this is what made me come here


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This is where this pain in my heart started.. it was a rainy friday I went to my sister's univeristy ( this is about 8 months ago) I saw her friend. she was the most amazing girl that i have ever seen. I aw here 1 more time after that . I went to the university the week after .. (everyone though that I really like tha place) well i did but I had a reason why.. her. any how.. she was extremely shy.. and so am I. second time we had a conversaion on the bus and she mentioned that she liked pottery but didn't know where to buy it. well a week afetr I bought it for her and gave it to my sister.well my sister gave it to "G" (let's call her G) and apparently G liked it and said to my sister that say thank you to me.. well 7 months passed. I finally got enrolled in that university and now I see her almost everyday.I tried to say to myself during these months that it may not workout so move in. well all these feeling came back again. the first 2- 3 days that university started I didn't see her but my sister mentioned that she was asing me where is your brother. I was really happy that she mentioned that. well I see her and guess what .. just a hi.. nothing elese. I was very dissappointed .. so i said to myself mybe it's time to move on now. second time she saw me with one of my female classamtes and came up to me with my sister and said hi and started a conversation with me about how do I like it here.. (by the way she is 18and I am 20 in case you were all wondering.) I asked for her email address and G said that my sister have it.. I had trouble with math and she said she can help me.. tomorrow I hava a test and she gave me her previouse test. I really don't know what to do. I really like her.. after 8 months I still think about her. this is also the post. my first post in link removed.


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many thanx in advanced for reading this.

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Tell her That's all the advice I have - just tell her.


You could email her if you're unsure, then you have plenty of time to think about what to say etc. And if you're worried that she doesn't like you back - well, at least if she doesn't, you'll know and then you can find time to move on.


Good luck and don't worry, life's too short

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thank you .."d" I just hope it was this easy.. there has been so many times where I just wanted to tell her how I feel.. and just see what happens. but i was always scared.. since I have no idea how she will react.. i don't want to be ignored by her (if she doesn't like me)

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