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i need a Little piece of advice

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met a girl week ago in the club, we had a very lil chat, and she told me that she knows my ex, we exchanged phone numbers so we stay in touch, three days later I sms her and she called right after she got my message, she invited me to her home as she was having some girlfriends of her in there, i apologized, and we agreed to meet this Tuesday, i met her last night in the same club (am there everyday), she told me has a date, i smile and said it is ok, and basically it was more like friends going out together than a date, she phoned me last night, and said it was to noisy in the club to talk but she wanted to tell me that she thinks it is not a good idea to date, because she is a good friend of my ex, and my ex still has feelings for me ( my ex has a bf ) and it would be hurting for my ex, and she said we can meet someday like friends, or we can go like a group of people out.


I don't really know what is happening

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its always hard to see an ex with someone else, but its just part of the game. however, if this girl is good friends woth your ex, it really won't make for a good situation, and she could end up losing a friend.

this = never good.


i say, you keep talking to the girl, and it may turn out that she doesn't even know your ex that well and never really see here.


..who knows..

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It sounds like this girl is giving you some very mixed signals. She is obviously quite keen on you as she has been making a super effort to talk to you. If you want to date her just tell her how you feel, and tell her to ask your ex if she is happy for you two to date. If your ex has moved on and is over you then there's no reason for her to say no. And otherwise, you just have to respect whatever this girl decides.

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