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Making it better for him

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Lately, my boyfriend and I have gotten a little more intimate (various types of kisses, petting, fondling, etc.) and the past two times that we've made out, I've wound up on top of him, sort of straddling him, I guess. The first time I did it, I asked him afterward if he was okay with it and he told me that he was. Then, last night when I did it the second time, it was because he hinted that he wanted me to do it again. So I'm pretty sure he likes it.


Well, I started kissing him and running my fingers through his hair while I was on top of him, and when things really started going, he put his arms around me and sort of pulled me closer to him so that I was straddling him higher up (not just on his lap). I was kind of afraid that I would hurt him, but he said that I wasn't. I'm not sure how sensitive a guy is down there. I'm pretty small, so it can't be too comfortable if my bony butt is digging into certain parts of his anatomy, you know?


Anyway, is there anything that I can do while I'm on top of him that he would like even more? Is there anything that I shouldn't do? I thought about squeezing my legs against his or maybe gently rocking back and forth, but I wasn't sure if that was a very good idea.


I'm definitely not going to have sex yet (oral or otherwise) and even fingering and handjobs are off-limits. So what can I do that would be nice for both of us without crossing any boundaries?

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So, what are some things that other guys like? My boyfriend likes it when I kiss him on the neck (especially right below the jaw) and when I run my fingers through his hair. What other things can I do for him that he might like? I've asked him to tell me what he likes or wants me to do, but he always focuses more on pleasing me. Personally, I get more turned on knowing that I'm turning him on. He also told me that he wasn't sure everything that he liked yet and that we'd just have to try things out (we're basically each other's first... at least in this aspect). It didn't help very much, because I'm not sure of any things that I can try out, if that makes any sense.


So guys, dish! What are little things that your partner could do for you that would make you go crazy?

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LOL ok i'm sorry i have to laugh at this. Why?! Because you would think it would be the WOMAN complaining and the GUY asking how to pleasure the woman, not the other way around.


Listen I don't know a guy who doesn't get off from sex because that just seems ludacris to me, but if he's having problems with it. Here's two things, 1) if it's the intial rubbing then buy lube... it's heavenly and 2) try a different position.


I don't know quite what you are looking for, but hey if you need any more ideas let me know.

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You posted a new thing after I submitted mine


OK two things, first it's funny how my ex got turned on when she turned me on (is that a woman thing? lol). And second, I know that sensitive spots for me include: the ear, the area just below the armpits, the neck, the inner thighs, the feet, the abs, the nipples(Hey it's not just for girls ).


I know for me I had the "magic touch" hahah yes yes don't I like to gloat but really I had an amazing ability to make girls get goosebumps and if done right it makes anyone squirm

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Ha ha.. I think I posted mine at about the same time again.


Thanks, though. Your last post really helps out a lot.


I sometimes rub his thigh, but I don't think it's particularly pleasurable for him. He never seems to give a response one way or the other. Of course, during all this, he has an erection and I think he's a little self-conscious about it, so maybe that's why he doesn't acknowledge my hand there.


Maybe that is just a woman thing. It's pretty hard for me to get aroused with kissing and fondling and all that, but when I play with his hair, his eyes close and his breathing gets shallow and I can just tell that the feeling is amazing for him. Seeing him get so aroused gets me turned on too. I lie awake at night just thinking about that look on his face.

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I mistook straddling for something else haha

Ok so you're probably just talking about dry humping then as the term goes.


But ya what I said there should do fine, but let me know.


The funny thing is I used to go to bed at night thinking of the EXACT same thing with my ex. I was joking about it being JUST a woman thing because I know I got aroused by just seeing my ex getting turned on.

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