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Well ive been in gr 9 for 3 weeks. Theres this girl who i was sure liked me. We flirted all the time, she never stopped smiling at me, we talked alot, we got close... she talked about her old boyfriends and kept telling her friends about how nice i was. One of her friends even thought we were going out from the way she was talking about me. Things were going great. Well i slipped her a note today, i didnt get the chance to ask her to the school dance next week so i had to use the note. Well between the last 2 classes, i asked her for her answer. She said....''i dont know.'' i said ''what do u mean?'' she said ''well i would, but theres also this guy from camp i really like and he sent me an email yesterday......sorry'' ''ok..'' I felt like dying, and walked away... But i saw after school she was really sad about it and her brother was trying to cheer her up. I honestly think she likes me and i wonder if I should ask her again sometime...the dance is next thursday...i was thinking of asking her again and saying that if the guy from camp asks her out then she can go if she wants. But i don't think he will cuz they only see eachother once a year in the summer, a long time to wait....what do you guys think i should do?

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