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I want a boyfriend. I was so happy when i had one, but now we are like brother and sister to eachother.

I want to be hapy like that again. The thing is theres not many guys who i like and who like me. I have only had one b/f. I am 15 too..... sooo yeah...

Im just really tired of being alone. I never got to holds hands with a guy sooo never kissed one either. I so wish this would happen though. How can i get guys to like me, i mean i want someone to hug me every morning and stuff like that.... im alone.

Help, andyone have any good advice anything at all???


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Yeah I know how it feels when me and this girl im dating right now. We did alot of things together over the summer saw each other all the time almost every day. I love it she was my first kiss and she changed my view on life for ever. I used to game alot on the computer some times 18 hours aday. Now I dont do it any more I enjoy hanging with friends. But anyways I had lots of fun we went to the mall together and races ect. Was fun we held hands was just awsome I was happy. Now she really busy havent seen her in almost 4 weeks it kills me but hopely we can do things together soon when shes less busy. Trust me I know how u feel just hang in there he will come soon.

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Here is what worries me: your happiness should not depend on whether or not you are in a relationship. Believe me, I KNOW how satisfying and uplifting a great relationship can be, but your happiness should not live and die by that relationship. A good rule of thumb: if you can not be happy with your life when you're NOT in a relationship, odds are you're not completely ready to be in a relationship anyway.

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