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Im So Confused!


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Ok, well to get the full story you can read these two topics i have previously posted and i will carry on with this on with a brief summary.


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Well one of my/her friends saw how down i was getting about the situation and confronted this girl about how she felt about me. It turns out she doesn't like me how she though, and just want to be friends.


Well ever since then, we basically havent been. I dont speak to her hardly ever (Same school, same year) and its just so awkward with her now. I recently found out she is sort of seeing someone, which i was extremely upset and angry about. I was not angry that she was with someone, after all its her happiness i care about, but angry that she felt she couldn't tell me herself (I found out from a friend from school, everyone else knew but me).


Now the problem is i see her looking at me and giving the same signals as before really. Im confused because i dont know whether she is staring because she wants us to talk more (I have tried but she just sort of shrugs me off) or whether its more (which i completely doubt).


So does anyone know what i should do?

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I'm guessing she's been confused herself. I'm guessing she's only around 17, like you. She probably enjoyed the attention of flirting with you (after all, everyone enjoys feeling like someone likes them), but was indecisive about actually committing to a relationship with you. Then this other guy comes along, and she goes for it. Maybe she's having problems with this other guy, or maybe she just wants you to pay attention to her. Either way, she's probably not really worth it. It sounds like you've expressed how you feel about her, and she just keeps blowing you off, so while she may start flirting again for awhile, it probably won't last. All you can really do is either hang out with her if you like her as a friend, or return the cold shoulder that she's been giving you most of the time. I vote for trying to keep things friendly, but trying to keep yourself from expecting/hoping for too much.

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Thanks for the advice. She apparently isn't really with this other guy, they have been on a couple of dates but so far its just friends. I really feel like giving her the cold shoulder you speak of, but i know that would just be immature and stupid. I dont want to lose her as a friend, i just want things back to the way they were before anyone had feelings for anyone really.

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