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Does it Matter or not?

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I personally dont trust anyone, well... there is only one person I trust to the fullest, thats "ComputerGuy" but...


I dont trust anyone else, no one, not my family, not my best friends, obviously not people I dont know


I was curiosu if its normal just not, not trust anyone... no matter how close or far they are to you personally?


I've had too many things *beep* up on me... I dont like people

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Well first let me say that I also trust "ComputerGuy" to the fullest extent. He's a good guy to have around!


Absolutely not trusting anyone is a very paranoid way to live life. Even trusting someone a LITTLE would make you seem less secretive and paranoid. I don't know... perhaps there is something wrong with ME! I am the type of person who feels that everyone is "trustworthy until proven otherwise"... Maybe I trust too easily... *shrug* But there's the thing about trusting and getting hurt: it's part of life. Life is not fun, most of the time. Life hurts and is full of mistakes. But you can't learn if you hide yourself away from everything. You'll still be hurting, only you'll have to add the lonliness of not being close to people on top of all the other things you have to deal with. And you may be shutting out some very special people in your life. Being so paranoid and closed off can be so unhealthy for you.


Instead, open yourself up, and don't thinkl about the pain you feel when people betray your trust, but think about the life lessons you get from it. Pain isn't fun, but sometimes it is the most effective learning tool.

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See I have a hard time NOT trusting anyone. How can you not trust someone who hasn't done anything bad to you? We're all human! Even you, I'm sure, have done things that have broken trust with people. I have done it! I don't mean to, and I do feel bad for it... But it doesn't make me a bad or even mean person. No one is perfect. Trusting no one is putting accross a message that you're too good for the people around you. Open up! Embrace life! Have fun! Getting hurt is a great way to learn how to grow up and become an adult. Sheltering yourself only prolongs the inevitable.

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But the thing is, you do it too. But I bet there are people who trust you... or would LIKE to trust you, if you'd let them. You can't hide from things that EVERYONE (including yourself) does. It's illogical. Don't hide from it, learn from it. Not trusting people doesn't save you from the pain that you're afraid of dealing with. It just brings it in other forms.

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If you trust someone you are left open to attack (you are vulnerable). DON'T DO IT!


If you trust someone, you are also left open to be accepted for who you are, appreciated and loved. It's the only way to achieve that. It all depends on the sort of people you choose to trust. It's not an all or nothing proposition. You can trust different people to different degrees on different things.


By staying closed, you also do not trust yourself to take care of yourself, which includes defending yourself when necessary.


We have one basic choice to make....all others spring from this one:


Do you choose love or fear?


I choose love.

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i find it hard to trust people too, i sometimes feel like im living my life like that film 'the truman show' and i find it hard to trust people.


i find it quite easy to tell people my feelings, but i find it hard to trust them completely, always thinking theyre lying to me in someway.


its not uncommon, but its one screwed up way to think, but dont worry, cus plenty of people do!

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