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need advice, right way to ask a girl out...


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In my business, I travel around to various businesses throughout the city, so I'm constantly interacting with different people at different businesses. Well today I ran into a girl that I really like, she has a great body and a beautiful smile, my first impression is that she has a really good head on her shoulders and is responsible, which is what I'm looking for. Now my question is how would I go about asking her out? Any ways to hint at that she has a b/f or should I just be assertive and ask her if she has one? She definitely showed interest, I'm just not sure at what level she'd want to take it to. Besides that this is only the 2nd time we've had a conversation, last week she tried to talk to me but I kind of brushed her off without realizing that she was interested. I'll most likely see her again next week so if that happens, whats your best advice, I figure I have nothing to lose, and really if nothing works out, at least a friend to gain. I need your best advice, I haven't met a girl, where I've felt an instant connection like this in a long time...

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ask her for coffee. don't have to jump the gun about the b/f situation. this would be a good way to get to know her better. don't ask her directly if she has a bf. you can poke around by talking about things she does. if she has a bf, then she'll mention it.

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