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Second retarded at masturbation! lol- HELP


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Hey, this headline got a lot of attention the first time, so maybe it will work now!


i am seriously retarded at masturbating 2! Ok, now, I got questions 2. See, I never really went down and did any exploring or any of that stuff. When I was little... I geuss it just happened by applying pressure to the whole area! Anyway, moving on to greener pastures... I know a fair amount on the whole subject and all that, but whenever I do get down, I don't feel the least bit aroused! I could be touching my arm and it would cause the same reaction!! Soo something is obviously out of wack! I would like help, don't have any other people to talk to on the subject, and I understand if u don't want to just type it on the board so PM me if u can help!

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Sorry that I don't really have much advice on your topic, but I just had to comment on what justtwicethen said. I think that that was an unnecessary comment. Its totally normal to be exploring yourself & making yourself feel good. At least you aren't going out & having sex or doing other sexual things. Its also helpful for when you do start having sex (many years down the road though I hope) but it will be helpful because you will know what makes you feel good so that you can tell the other person how to make you feel good. If you feel that masterbating is ok to do, then thats your choice no matter how old you are.

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I'd agree with maggie18, i was an early starter and hit puberty at about 9 or 10 it wasn't my fault i matured early but to me i find it as a benefit now instead of a curse which i used to think it was. Hopefully Swiss_chic will end up finding it this way when she's older aswell.

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Hello fellow Enotalone users... The moderating team is here and we do see just about everything that happens on the site. You can help us out though when you see someone disrespecting another user this way send one of us a PM. Make sure you include the link or topic name with that PM


Hubman 8)

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Well, swiss chic, You know were your clitoris is right? {if not it is that little ball just above the opening of the vagina.} that and the g-spot. You should be able to feel a rough patch of skin inside your vagina, try massaging that and the clitoris and it should have quite an effect. Any more questions feel free to pm me.



{EDIT: oh yeah, that is also why I didnt put my age or gender. People seem to think that the person they are talking to is the same age sex and race as the person posting. At least thats what I have observed.}

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