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Ok, I wanna know if this is right, ok how I hooked up with my new bf, is during we were having sex we were drinking that night to so, n e ways so he asked me out during sex and It kinda seems like he wants to be with me because he always wants me to come see him and stuff and we always talk but I wanna know if the only reason do you think he asked me out was because we had sex???.......and I was only 2nd girl he ever slept and I known him for a while, and I know that he wont make me do any thing i dont wanna do

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Its hard to say. There are ways to find out though.


Don't have sex with him for now. If he tries to pressure you into it, or makes you feel bad because you won't have sex then that will show that he doesn't really like you, he just wants you for sex. No guy should ever pressure you into sex. It would just show that they have no respect for you or your body.


I'm not going to sit here & lecture you for hours, but I really think its a bad idea for you to be drinking & having sex. You are young & you may regret it later. Of course you might not regret anything, but you have the rest of your life to do these things, why not just wait until you are older & have a boyfriend you love. Your more likely to regret the people you have had sex with if its not someone you truly love. Just think about it.


If you want to talk or anything, pm me or add me to your messenger.

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