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Gonna try and use my posting in a more helpful way now!


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Ok guys im gonn a try my hardest to ignore women and not really care about them anymore so that i can just post good posts on here,give peopleadvice,and make them feel better about their situation.Cause i am a really nice guy but i have been using this forum to let out my frustrations and vent and im sorry.Ill prolly flub up still every once and awhile with some stupid pathetic,worthless,depressive post but i i will try hard not too.lately i have been trying to help people more in my posts and be a great person because i will show u that imma nice guy.I have been told by girls that any women that marries me is a lucky women but iono if thats totally true they just tell me that im relaly nice and any girl that gets me is lucky il try to use my kindness too the good of the board.I will try to forgot women and just let them get their emotions tore a part by these jerks because that is what they seem like they truly want they dont need me!So hopefully some helpful posts by me in the near future like i have been tyring to do!

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