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I just need someone to talk to..


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I suffer from a major case of social anxiety.

I've been feeling depressed the past two weeks.

I've attempted suicide in a rather rash manor in the past and had the cops come to my house because I ended up telling a friend.

I feel like I've sunk this low again.. everythings just ruined.. it sounds stupid, I am aware of that.. But I just want an escape.

I don't know what to do anymore.. I've given it alot of thought this time, and it seems like the only thing I can do.. I've tried asking for help.. but my parents arent the best listeners.. I've pushed everyone else away.. I just need help..

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I suffer the same things as you and also attempted suicide and had to be sent to the ER one time. Are you getting help? Therapy, pills? If you need anyone to talk to you can talk to me because I totally understand. My email is email removed lol dont make fun of my name, i had it since 4th grade and never changed it. But I know how you feel, its horrible. You need to get help though

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