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I keep feeling like an outcast and it bothers me


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This year I got into skydiving as an extracurricular activity. Made a lot of friends and was starting to have a lot of fun since I was looking forward to getting my license and being able to jump with people and do formations, etc.


Fast forward to summer. I had an accident while jumping and got a badly broken leg. I've healed up since then and am back to normal. I have NOT resumed jumping solo again (mainly because the dropzone I jump at, has decided to NOT let me finish my licensing there). Instead they are giving me tandem jumps (where I jump attached to an instructor) for a really reduced price.


I still hang out at the DZ on weekends, watch people jump, do a tandem when I want, etc. I go out to dinner with my friends on Sun nights and I also have gone to a few parties at peoples' houses. Yet, I still feel apart from these people because I can't jump with them.


I was hoping to meet someone to date, while skydiving, but that is out of the question now since I can't solo jump anymore.


About 2 months ago, I did a 5-way jump with my friends, where I went up as tandem and my friends jumped with me and docked onto me. That was very fun and someone even videoed it for me.


I am planning another 5 or 6 way jump this upcoming weekend. My TI says I should organize it myself since it will help me get exposed to more people and make friends easier (last jump we did, he helped organize the jump).


I created a FB event and sent out invites to a bunch of people. I am worried now that no one will respond. I haven't had responses yet.


I still want so much to be a part of this group and it sucks that I am not being allowed to finish my licensing. I feel as though I will lose touch with people since now I don't share the same hobby, in the same way, as they do.


Most of my FB friends are people from the skydiving community.


I use my hobbies as a way to define me.

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Why is it impossible to meet someone if you can not jump solo? That makes no sense. It would make more sense that you would have a better chance of finding someone to date when you jump with OTHERS. You ARE still hanging out with your friends so how are you an outcast? About the FB invite for the weekend. Ren, it is MONDAY and it is the Christmas season. People are seeing friends and family and have work parties and so on. So it might have been a bad call to have a jumping event 2 weeks before Christmas. Even if that isn't the case it is MONDAY. I could see your concern if it were Thursday. Ren Ren, you can not define yourself by an activity.

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I had talked to people at the DZ this weekend and people had said they wanted to go on a jump with me. I pretty much said it would be next weekend. Reason I sent FB invitation is to let people know it will be on Sat. I know quite a few people are going to be at the DZ this weekend.


When I get involved in an activity, I try to throw myself into it, esp if I really enjoy the activity, and also to meet people, make friends, and maybe meet someone to date.

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