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S/o's relationship with parents and xmas.


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My boyfriend holds some animosity towards his parents for his own reasons. In any case, they seem to like me enough to invite me to family outings and gatherings.


He was adamant on spending xmas with MY family. But, I don't have that as an option. This will be my first year spending xmas with him and his family.


I asked him what I should get his parents and he told me not to get them anything.

The reason being, they are unappreciative. He has told me stories where he'd get his mother jewelry and she'd find some way to criticize it, like "this isn't the color I wanted," or "this isn't very pretty."

We've also been dating a few months so I'm not sure if getting his parents something is just way too serious serious. In any case, I feel like it'd be rude not to.


My alternative would be to bake tons of goods and bring it on over but I'm not sure how well that does compared to getting a nicely wrapped present under the tree.


What do you think?

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I normally bring food or a drink (like sparkling apple cider and/or chocolates) when invited to someone's home. My mother raised me to always bring a small food or drink item to give thanks for the invitation (she thinks its rude to show up empty handed) so it might just be that my view is shaped by hers. I don't know what other people do or what is generally considered rude/polite in this situation. I think it may be too early in the relationship to get a gift-gift.

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Wine. If they are drinkers, wine is good for everything. It's good as a thank you gift, it's good as a christmas gift, it's good as a "just because" gift. The beauty part too is that you can go as cheap or expensive as you like (and as appropriate) and chances are they won't really be able to tell the difference.

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