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Leap of faith

hey jo

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I understand that there has been threads about this subject in the past, but the latest was three years ago and due to my current circumstances, I feel that we all would benefit from shared experiences about this. The subject brings about some questions that I have pondered lately that relates to what I am experiencing now:


1. Have you ever done something in your you did not really WANT to, but HAVE/NEED to? Did you regret that decision or did it lead you to a rewarding life/ an epiphany? I can think of my mum for example. My dad died when I was four, my brother was like 11. We lived in a small town and she decided to leave us two with our rellies so she can work full time in the big smoke, which was btw very far from where we live, and that was after not having practiced for a long time as she focused on being a mum whilst my dad was doing a project in Europe. I bet it was something she did not want, leaving two children for X number of years so she can make a living, but she did it anyway. Hey we survived because of it


2. Have you ever had the "gut instincts" vs. "leap of faith" battle? I understand that they go together sometimes, but in my case it ain't. Right now, I have issues with going back to my previous career field. I have the experience and I am certain that if I applied for it I have a very good chance of getting the job. It's rewarding and all that, but after not having done it for quite some time I've lost confidence in doing it, PLUS I just feel that I won't be happy doing it because of all the stress involved in it, and that is even if I rack in the big bucks for doing that job. That is the gut instincts side of things. Having mentioned my mum's experience, I feel like I just need to take that leap of faith and do it anyway. I am currently not working and looking for a career change, which means lesser pay, but I feel as though I would be relieved of stress from my previous work. But not having relevant experience means I'm very less likely to get a job. So from a different perspective I feel as though I just need to take that leap of faith and go back to my previous job. I feel as though I don't have a choice. I mean we are experiencing recession too, but does that automatically mean that I'll go for what brings in the money rather than focusing on job satisfaction? (and the answer is probably yes?).


I would very much like to hear from yous and your experiences. I know I'll learn something out of it.

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