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Well this might sound silly but I'm completely out of the loop when it comes to this dating thing. My previous (first and only) relationship was long term and we met online and developed feelings before we met physically, so there was nothing to guess.


Last night I had my first proper date ever. A guy messaged me on a dating site, we talked on MSN for 2 weeks and then asked me to meet to get to know each other better. The thing is I have no idea on how to tell if he's attracted to me.


We met for dinner and a drink and spent almost 6 hours together!! I know he liked my personality because we agree on sooo many things. But how to know if he finds me sexually attractive?


Also, I sent a message at around 12.30 pm today saying "I hope you aren't too tired and have a good day at work, I had fun last night". Is that ok?

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Your message you sent was fine


I think it's just a matter of whether there's a second date. That usually means they are interested in you. It can be hard to tell if someone likes you on a first date because so many factors come into play. Some people are shy, some are overly polite like it's their profession so it's hard to see under all that as to what they actually think (lol), some are not point blank enough and dodge what they really feel,....it goes on.


But if he wants a second date then he's interested, pretty much.

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Thanks for the advice! He replied when he finished work saying he was done with it and that he had fun with me too and asking how I was, I'm going to my derby training now so I told him I'll catch him later on MSN.


If he asks me out again then I'll assume he liked me, I guess when you're a certain age (me 27, him 31) there is no point in meeting again if there is no physical attraction right?

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Don't worry so much..


Just keep thinking of yourself as one sexy mama and meet him with that vibe. What he thinks or feels you'll notice soon enough. But even if he doesnt it only meant...you met some dumb guy ;-).


Usually when a guy meets you twice it atleast means that there is physical attraction. But lately some are a bit screwed in the head also..so sometimes you dont know until you KNOW..


Just go with the flow, stay sexy within yourself and enjoy the moments you are on a date. That's all you can do..

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