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Is it normal for things to be awkward/upsetting with your ex after so long?

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My ex dumped me a year ago after only dating for a short period of time. She hurt me quite bad because i really cared about her and although i frequently showed her this, there were times where i neglected her and took her for granted. I think i was hurt the most because i really wanted to make things work with us because it just felt right, but throughout our relationship she didn't tend to seem emotionally invested in me, but although she was too proud to admitt it when i apologised to her, i understand that i hurt her too. I had a lot of personality/anger issues when dating her which i have overcome and i use to be very self-conscious but a year later i feel a lot more confident and better about myself. Went out the other night to a party and caught up with friends from high school who i hadn't seen in yonks and conversation flowed with them easily, even with some people who i had never really talked to before. But when my ex came and sat down next to me amongst my group of friends things suddenly became really tense. I decided to swallow my pride and say hello and ask how she was and such and we spoke for a little while, but then things just felt even more awkward as we just sat there staring around the room. I don't understand why i still feel this way, it's been a year and i've come to terms that i probably only occasionally think about her and our relationship because she was the last girl i dated and i feel as if i'm ready for another relationship because i've somewhat matured since i dated her, but it just seems as if whenever i see her all my feelings just come flooding back and i can't find someone to compare with her personality, but i know we didn't have a very loving relationship so i don't understand why i want her to be in my life again.

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First time I saw my ex in a long time at a mutual friend's party, we didn't exactly hit it off either like I was hoping. It was tense, but friendly, I guess.

"Hey, how are you? Long time no see. Hope all is well."

I didn't expect much. I guess it is normal for things to be upsetting and awkward. I've read tons of threads on the issue cause I did search it up. The next time we meet, if we ever do, I'll expect the same.

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