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thoughts on having to see the ex.


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you want to know your thoughts on having to see an ex every now and agin due to work.


for the dumpers, can this work in his/her favor in getting back with you?


for the folks who have been dumped, ever run into an ex that left you and they want back in when they see whats going on with you?

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You're driving yourself crazy with these questions man. I mean there's a million things that could happen and every situation is different, why don't you just try to do your best to go on with your life and just be polite if you see her.

That's pretty much all you can at this moment.

You and nobody can read her mind and know what she wants. Asking all these questions will only hunt you non-stop.

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I had to work with an ex. It wasn't good for me because i personally prefer to go NC and never see them but I didn't have a choice with this one. It was very awkward, I would hear about his new partner, how they were engaged etc. Working with them never makes them consider getting back with you, it is a professional environment and you just have to remember that.

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there is no real situation that can be conjured up in which will tip the scales in your favor unfortunately. Chance can't even bring them back. The only thing that will bring them back is the feeling that they want you back... no amount of good luck, cologne and flowers, or promises will get them to change their mind. Its very sad but its also the truth. The best thing that you can do in order to not further the pain and embarrassment of your situation is to greet her professionally and keep the conversation light when you do see her. Best of Luck. We have all been there... you are in the right place on here.

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When you run into her you do the following:




Be polite, courteous, and friendly


Look her directly in the eyes


Any conversation keep very short, and ALWAYS be "light" - humor is even better


DO NOT BRING UP ANY TALK ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP! - very important because she doesn't want to hear it, AND it's an inopportune time for that kind of talk - short and sweet. The less you say, the better off you are.


You present yourself at all times during this encounter as being happy, confident, and upbeat. - even though you might be falling to pieces on the inside.


Basically, you act like you would as if you ran into an old friend you haven't seen in awhile in passing while you were in a hurry to get somewhere else - polite, glad to see them, happy, friendly...."hey, how are you doing?...great to see you!" kind of thing, but you are running late and unfortunately don't have time to chat. Understand?

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