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Having a low day, words of encouragement please.


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For those not familiar with my break-up story, you can read it here.


The past few days I have been feeling very low. I don't know my mind tells me, that he wasn't good for me. I know I was not happy with the way I was being treated in the relationship and he will end up treating his new girl the same. I know though he admits to having problems and says the girls before complained about the same things, that he will probably never change. I know all of this, so why do I still feel like I am in so much pain? It has been three months. I don't even know how I feel about him anymore, I just know that I keep imagining him contacting me and what I'd say if he did. I have been NC for a little over a month now and he has not tried to contact me. I have been putting my life back together but it is so painful, feeling like I have been discarded and replaced. How do I get my head and my heart in the same place?

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You remember all the bad stuff as much as you can. You tell yourself time and time again that you deserve better, because you do.


And you realize that it really isn't him that you miss, but being in a relationship -- being loved as you once were. And that is good -- because that will come again when you have healed.

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Your ex sounds like mine. He had issues that did not allow HIM to have a healthy relationship. He lied all the time and I told him that even if he were to date another girl, he would do the same thing. He said I was belittling him and putting him down but it is true. If he does not change, I highly doubt he will find someone else and have a functioning relationship. Honestly, I felt like I was they best it got.


Don't feel bad. He probably has not contacted you because there are no problems as of now with the girl he is currently with. But the problems will come, I'm sure. He will probably just avoid the problem and find a new girl each time the issue comes up.

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