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Is she starting to crack


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Okay to make it short, my ex didnt know what she wanted, she had left me for another guy and blah blah so she started getting confused so i went NC on her to give her space. yesturday she sent me a message from january 2010 where i had left her and apologized because i did make the same mistake she did and i did suffer.... but is 13 days of NC why did she send me the message i had wrote her last year....

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She was feeling nastalgic because she hadn't talked to you in awhile. Give her a call and talk to her and she'll have the fix she wanted, then she'll be back into the other guy again. Girls tend to want to "collect" ex boyfriends. Stay friends, stay close... I know this because I'm realizing the I've done this. I want to keep a good relationship with my ex's because I still care about them, but it just complicates any new relationship, and I know I don't want a relationship with ex's...so this sticky situation is created and the girl ends up being technically single with "baggage" (meaning clinging ex's).

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@indea08- Wow, very insightful on the single with baggage thing. I think that exactly describes my ex girlfriend. When we first met she told me up front that she was friends with almost every guy she has dated with a few exceptions. I told her I was fine with it as long as she was meeting my needs. I met at least 3 of her ex's and actually became friends with them but she did not contact them that much and all was okay. However she did have a serious 3 year relationship with one guy that I felt was definitely "hanging on". She did not BU with me because of him but I definitely think he was part of her "baggage" that contributed to her pulling away from me.


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