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Is the healing process regressing?

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I am in my second week of recovery.. I found that during the first week (at least after the initial shock) that I was able to sleep fairly well. Now I find I'm extremely restless and agitated, and plain burnt out.. and while I can get to sleep, I don't stay asleep. The odd thing is, I don't wake up with images of my former relationship in my head, wallowing in nostalgia.


I feel extremely drained, like I could fall asleep at any minute.. I could have never have envisioned this to be so difficult.


I have done my best to keep busy. I have not been obsessing etc..


Things seem to be getting worse, which has me slightly concerned


Any thoughts?




PS Thank you to everybody for your input and comments. I have talked my friends to death already, and want to give them a break.. This forum has helped me greatly..

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The thing is Mario our emotions are like the weather, they change in the blink of an eye. One week you'll be fine, the next week you could be depressed - does it mean your regressing? Not really, it just means that everything is still clearly very fresh and raw for you at the moment. Things tend to get worse before they get better, you have to picture it like a storm, there's the calm before the storm, the storm hits, then there's the rebuilding phase. Right now your in the middle of that storm, keep working on yourself and you'll be hitting the rebuilding phase sooner rather than later, just don't try to sweep your emotions under a carpet, embrace them and feel what you want to feel

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Yeah I would recommend while using your friends as an outlet do not let your breakup be the focal point of your relationship with them. Eventually it will get old fast and even they will start avoiding you simply because they know they're going to have to endure hours of the same conversation.


Not to belittle how you feel but two weeks is nothing and you're going to have these up's and down's for awhile yet. I was still dreaming of my ex two months after we broke up, bad dreams. All in all it took me about 5 months to fully get over my ex. I still think about her to this day (8 months) but not in the same way anymore. More in a "oh whelp" type of feeling and one that even if she came back to me I would say no. I'm comfortable and you'll get there, but not in two weeks.


Keep doing what you're doing, keep busy and don't worry if you're thinking about her...just don't let it consume you and whatever you do do NOT contact her as I'm sure you know. You'll be put right back to day 1 again.


It's going to be difficult for some time now most likely but think of it this way: You're strengthening your resolve by going through this pain and on the other end you'll be a stronger person as a result. That is, if you want to put a positive spin on it! Hand in there broski.

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I go up and down still on an hourly basis! I'll be fine and busy one minute, then I'll go out the house and see the last place where he told me he loved me, or a car that looks like his, all sorts of things like that. The memories come flooding back and I have to hold my head up high and carry on. But those moments of sadness are much more brief and more manageable now, and getting easier every day. I'm 3 months after breaking up, it's still very normal and you Mario are only 2 weeks in!


Don't be too hard on yourself, the healing journey takes as long as it takes

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It has been less than 2 weeks since the break, but I also spent a month in limbo land hell, clinging onto false hope, and dare I say lies. That was a roller coaster like no other. Oh yes, she said this! She's coming around.. Oh no!, now she said this.. It's time to break down again.. what a horrid existence.. All I have to do if I even think about contacting her is to remember how I surrendered my emotional well-being to her completely and totally.. Waiting by the phone.. Obsessively checking email.. Hanging on every word she said or didn't say.. This from someone who refused to speak to me, and when she did was angry and bitter.. All I heard was "I have nothing to say.." "I have to concentrate on me" "You're not even on my list right now" Pathetic and juvenile treatment that I don't know if I will ever forgive... She chose to take things down this path without even allowing me a chance to say anything.. I simply do not understand..

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