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Ladies: the best jewelry gift you could get


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This is basically gonna be a survey on what kind of jewelry women would like to receive as a gift if they could have just one.


What I'd like to know before we get started

-your age (if you think it matters like your opinion might have changed from a few years ago)

-your skin tone (state whether you feel it affects your decision with the choices like how it matches with your skin tone)


So the choices are






Then it's broken down into type of metal:

-Yellow gold

-White gold

(I'm forgoing the karat and silver and platinum for this survey, but if you prefer those because of a reason like a skin allergy, you may state so. I'm more curious as to whether it is yellow or white gold that is more preferable at this point.)


Then it's broken down even further if gemstones are included









Then that's broken even further to the cut if gemstones were included


-Princess cut

-Emerald cut







I probably missed some other breakdowns and if I did, feel free to break it down some more.


If you could give a reason for why you chose what you did, like maybe a reason could be like it reminds you of your childhood jewelry, state that as well. It's always good to get an idea as to the back story behind a gift.


If you could post a picture, that'd be great too.


If you have a skin allergy to a certain metal, let us know more about it like what it is and the details about it.







I'll respond to my own question even though I'm a guy:

Age: 22

Skin tone: tan, like Jessica Alba's skintone



White gold is my preference especially when it come to bracelets cause I don't really wanna look like a thug

No gemstones

As to the type of chain I prefer, it's called 'cuban link', and I really dislike 'figaro links'.


You know what... guys, feel free to respond too.

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Age: 23. Nope, my taste in jewlery has stayed the same throughout my life.

Skin tone: medium. Doesn't matter to me if it matches.




white gold (I HATE yellow gold)


Amethyst (it's the month my husband and I met, Feb)




Chain for it relatively strong. I don't do well with very thin, feminine chains as I'm a bit rough with my jewlery and those kinds of chains easily break.

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I'm getting really disgusted with all of this mass made jewelry. I much rather support one of a kind items made by a single individual, and same or cheaper price and much more interesting! Rings are nice, because you can see them all the time and be reminded of their special meaning.


21, white gold, mixed gems, raw uncut or a mix of.

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HUGE opals or sapphires set in anything. My fave is platinum, but silver or gold will do. I prefer bracelets, but a large ring or pendant of either of the above will do. I had a friend give me a platinum bracelet set with diamonds for my b'day last year (I gave her a silver chain with a lovely onyx and diamond pendant). We've been friends for over 30 years, so if a girl can give me something that nice, I expect my men friends to do the same or better. I give great gifts, so I'm not asking for something I won't give back in return.

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