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What do his actions mean?


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I like a friend of mine a lot, almost to the point where I can't stop thinking about him. I've just ended a long term relationship (3 months ago) and this guy is a friend of a friend of my ex, basically they know each other but don't hang out. I've hung out with him a few times and each time I get the feeling that he might feel the same way, but then again I don't know. Some things that he does that makes me think he might like me include: jokes about making out, commented on my new hair cut/color right away & said "I like it", calls me by a silly nickname, when I was with my ex he never hugged me but now he does when saying hello & good bye, his friend told me that he is a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have him. I only see him every so often, but we are both busy with our jobs/school. When we do hang out we talk a lot and it's easy to talk to him, usually we end up sitting next to each other. Sometimes I get the feeling that he is looking at me & when I look at him he smiles, I smile back & that's all. We're friends on fb & he'll "like" my status & sometimes we message each other. He knows that my previous relationship didn't end so well, I try not to talk about it around him 'cause I don't want that to be the focus of our conversation. I'm just wondering if he hasn't said or done anything because he's giving me time to get over my ex. Just want to hear what you think. Thanks

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My best piece of advice is look back at your recent BU and identify what went wrong there. What things could you take responsibility for? Once you think you have figured these out and have started to fix them (if there are any) and seriously fixt them, then I think you can start to think about this new guy more. You'll be able to have a more positive relationship because you have learnt from you past issues Good luck.

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Ask him. Directly. With clear and concise words.


You'll get an answer.


From that answer, you decide if 1) you're still too hurt to get back into a relationship (3 months after a long relationship? that's rebound territory), or 2) you want a rebound and this guy will do (to help you get your mind off of your ex).


The fact that he hasn't put the moves on you and left very subtle hints means that he's respectful. Remember that if you embark in a rebound relationship. He sounds like a good and decent guy.


Good luck (whatever you decide to do).

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