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I really want her back and love her more than anything.


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Ok so here goes my story. I am 23 years old. I am in the military. I have not really been in any serious relationships. But about a year ago i met this girl that i think is the most amazing girl ever. I remember the first day we met. I had to brief her cause she was new to the base and i had to brief all the newcomers. I looked at her even before i went into the class. I noticed the whole time she was looking at me. I didnt want to get into anything serious cause i never wanted to get hurt. But this girl was different. So i helped her with being new to the base. She gave me her number and we started hanging out. After about a month we starting staying at each others house. We did everything together. And for me i have never had so many memories with somebody. But after 3 months she has a daughter and her daughter came over from the states cause she was staying with her sister until she got settled in. But I cared for her daughter and treated her like she was my own. We fell in love and spent every minute besides when we were at work. It was like we had the perfect relationship. She told me she had some problems in past relationships. But she felt different about me. She said she loved me more than anything. She said i was her life and her one and only. She told me she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. I made some mistakes in our relationship. I had old friends from my home town hitting me up and they were girls. I told all them that i didnt want to be with them. I said i was happy, but they kept hitting me up. But she told me i shouldnt talk to them. I said i didnt want to be with anybody but her. I got deployed back in August. She wrote me letters saying it was gonna be hard to trust me over here, but she does not want to be with anybody else in life. We were making future plans together. She met my family cause they came and stayed with us. She broke up with me cause she said she couldnt trust me over here. After we broke up she said she still loved me and that she does not want to be with anybody else. I tried to give her time and said i wanted to do anything to make it work. I revolved my whole life over here to talk to her. She does not even want to talk to me anymore. She said she dont love me anymore. Only after 2 months of breaking up with me, she said she dont love me anymore. She said she just wants me to move on. I just cant move on. I love her more than life itself. I have tried to do little things to make her think of me. But she just ignores me. I think about her 24-7. It is just hard going from not being in a relationship for 4 years and meeting this girl and loving her and planning your future and then you get deployed and everything changes. All i can think about is what she is doing? I go back in about 2 months and will see her again, but i am afraid she will be moved on by then. She said after me there was not gonna be anybody else cause she wants to focus on her and her daughter. But yet she has still been going out with people and hanging with guys. She said she has somebody that already loves her. He is doing little things for her. This was just after a few weeks after we broke up. All i can think about is our good memories. I did special things for her while we were together. I gave up a lot for her. How am i suppose to get over something that i love so much? She said she wanted somebody to respect her as a woman and i told her that can be me. I know i can be the guy that treats her like she needs to be treated. Its the hardest thing i have ever had to go through. I just know i am a good guy. I want her and made more memories with her than anything. She told me that she never talks to her exes and i wasnt gonna be any different. But just 2 months ago, she said she loved me and wants nobody else by her side. And now she wont even talk to me. She acts like we never even dated. I have wrote her a letter. I made her a video of all the good times we had. But she said i need to delete everything cause she dont feel that way anymore. How can somebody say all that stuff and then just break up with you. I have made mistakes, but those mistakes made me a better person. But i know i dont ever want to hurt her again and just need some advice on what to do? I have 2 months left til i see her again and all i want to do is try to talk to her when i go back, but i am afraid that she will be with somebody else. I cant move on because i love her too much and i know nobody will make me as happy as she did. i just wish she felt the same way. Should i try to talk to her this next two months or just do the NC. And try to talk to her when i get back? Please any help would greatly be appreciated. I know the story is long, but like i said please read and help me out?

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