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interested in a girl 2,000+ miles away


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So, We have been sending big messages back and forth for the last week. Several texts / photo texts too. I just had a good 1hr 15min phone call with her yesterday. We both have a ton in common and we both seem intrested in meeting. So, I am thinking about flying over in January if we still have good communication.


The question is, "Am I crazy/ Is she crazy"? This seems like a most crazy idea! This is the first time I have ever considered meeting someone this way.



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Ohhh....just do it. My sister just got engaged to a guy she met at a bar in London, England. She lives in NYC. You never know what can happen. They've known each other for about a year and a half....never went more than 3 weeks without seeing each other.


Life is too short-- I say Go for it!!

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you should look at where you are in your lives and if you'll be able to keep a long distance relationship going. I have to say its harder then you'd expect. Also, you have to think about if either of you will be able to make a compromise to move to the other at some point in the future. If theres a chance that you can see it working out, reasonably, not just in a dreamy version where she wins the lottery and you both live in a hawaii happily ever after, then go for it.

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