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Activities: Suggestions?


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Hey all,


So one of the biggest challenges I have when dating is figuring out what to do for a date. I always fall back on dinner, and of course there is always going to a movie.


But what other activities are there that are good for dates?


Please reply, I think this thread will be useful for me and also for others.





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I haven't dated for awhile but I will tell you what I think are good dates!!


Going on a hike together to the mountains (like maybe 3rd date where you know you don't need to bring along mace or pepper spray, LOL)

Oh and packing along some sandwiches for a lil pic nic!


Working out together whether going to a gym or taking a run together a swim and then chilling out in the jacuzzi after with a couple beers!


Going to a golf/arcade place and doing mini golf, arcade games/ games and laser tag while grabbing hot dogs and soda's is always the best!!


Also where do you live??? If you live by the beach I'd say go swimming together at the beach or take up surf lessons together...


If you live by a lake get a paddle boat to rent or something


If you live in the desert go hiking/biking/four wheeling/off roading


It's Xmas time...........take her through the Christmas lights rent a little hay ride thing it's prob under 20 bucks per person to do something like that...help each other decorate for the holidays while drinking hot chocolate and munchkin on cookies, mmm!!


Tell her how much you love brownies/cookies see if she will make U some!!


Let's see, go with her to do her xmas shopping, offer to take her to lunch and make sure that you hold her bags for her while she shops

Patiently suffer through Sephora/Claire's/Icing. Haha. she will love you for that....

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If you want evenings in...get some wine and play some games.


Go to the firing range (things you have maybe never experienced before are great because then you always remember the "1st time" you did that activity and who you were with).


Go to a painting place...


Comedy shows.


Take a spontaneous overnight or weekend trip somewhere...


Get tickets for a concert as a surprise.


Take a couples cooking class...


Go for fondue.


Dinner theatre.

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It really depends on interests:


Geeks might enjoy going to a LAN party together. (Hey, don't laugh, I've seen it work!)


Take a hike - probably easy level unless you are both avid hikers - then kick it up a notch or two. Someplace at the end where you can take a swim to cool off might be a plus! (Depends on comfort level, which date it is {1,2,3. etc})


Play mini golf, or go ride go-karts - even better, go to some place that offers both plus an arcade with skee-ball. Fun times.


Plan a picnic in the park, take a kite or a frisbee or a soccer ball.


Go to a local cafe and people watch. Takes some of the focus off of you if you're shy.


Go to a used book store and browse the shelves and hunt for "treasures" - older books, family heirlooms, etc. Similarly, antique stores might be interesting. There are always funny hats to try on if you're running out of material.


Classic car shows, motorcycle shows, can be fun, depending on the girl. (Some of us do like them.)

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