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I like this girl, but she is my friends girlfriend. Please help me.


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Ok so my name is Elijah and im am 22. I have a best friend and we have been friends for 3 years. This girl that I like is my best friends girlfriend and I have known her for the same time. The reason is because we all work at the same place. We are so good of friends that we smoke together, and hang out, get hangovers, go out to eat all of that stuff. We are all grown too. I spend the night over their house sometimes too. Oh yeah they live together. Ok so this is where this gets complicated. My best friend is a girl. But she is like a tomboy i guess that is why we get along so good. So her girlfriend her name is Laura we are cool too. We have both been through almost the same situations in life as far as family goes and a certain situation where me and Laura have been hurt by this other so called friend until this so called friend totally threw me under the bus. That is a whole other story. But the end of it was that this so called friend was Laura's best friend. And I mean best friend. So Laura's so called best friend thought that she would take her side but she totally stood up for me in a way that I couldnt believe. I mean I didnt do anything wrong to begin with but just the thought of it. So me and Laura we eat lunch together sometimes and we talk about stuff, sometimes deep stuff. We laugh and I am pretty funny so I know how to make anyone laugh, thats just who I am. I give her advice and she gives me advice. There have been times where we have been flirty with eachother, at parties she would always touch my face and we just laugh for no reason. I guess you can blame it on the alcohol. lol. But at work too. I help her out like with cigaretts and gas money and stuff. I just know deep down inside that we have so much in common. We like the same music somewhat I mean I like heavy music but alot of other kinds too. Her favorite group is the backstreet boys. Look I like the backstreet boys too alright. I grew up off of that, so just cut me a break, they are pretty cool. lol. I have always thought she was very beautiful. She gives me chills sometimes. I think about her a lot. But recently I dont know what came over me, but man I have been thinking about her a whole lot. I have been trying to trick myself into thinking that something is wrong with me and it is just physical attraction but it is not. I know the difference. I like her because of her. And another situation is that she is not really gay. I know this sounds weird but just trust me on this I know her and I know this because she used to date guys and her girlfriend told me stuff about her. I really dont want to hurt my friends feelings and make her mad and we not talk anymore but this is killing me inside. Their relationship is like this, they have said that it feels like they have just been friends instead of going together and the spark is not there anymore. There has been little things said on the side that makes me think they are just together just because of their situation. I know I must sound like a bad person, but I am really not. I am one of the nicest guys you could ever meet and I mean that. I just cant seem to hide this like everything else. For some reason I think she may like me too, but we never got to that. She always does these cute faces at me, and just hit me for no reason, and I dont see her doing that with anyone else, not even her girlfriend. Will someone please give me some advice please? I understand that my choice will totally change the outcome and that feelings will get hurt and we might not ever talk again. Then I understand that maybe things would be better. I am totally aware of the situation and how things can play out and how they can get ugly then good, or good then ugly. I just hope that there is someone out there who has been through this before who can shed some light on the situation.

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