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HELP What is happening


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Me and my ex of 2 years had gotten into it. i had ask her wat she wanted out of me. she was confused and said "idk what i want" so i just said we should just let go and do us and we agreed.... so this is day 8 of NC.....

and these are things shes been doing lately


Wednesday- texted me randomly and said "happy 1 year n 11 months"

Thursday- she say me talking to a girl on fb and messaged her and ask what was up between me n her.... then she randomly text me and said "why am i seeing your stuff on fb"

Friday- she called me from a blocked number (i know its her because she only calls me)... then 2 hours later she texted and said "are you okay"

Saturday- another blocked call hours later she texted me saying "saw your bestfriend" which was a girl she dont like and we always joke about it..........



i plan on keep doing NC till she know wat she want. but why is she dooing these things

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People rarely 'don't know what they want', it is far more accurate to say they aren't 100% happy with any of the alternatives right now so they are just doing nothing, or they know what they want and know if they tell you they might not get what they want from you.


For example, she may know that if she tells you she wants to be free and date other guys, but still stay friends with you, you'll stop being her friend and she really doesn't want to lose the friendship.


Or perhaps she has her eye on someone new, but isn't sure he'll want her or whether it will work out, so she wants to keep you on the back burner until she sees whether he works out or not.


Those are not things she can tell you without risking you blowing her off, so she does the 'i don't know' thing to stall and hope you'll just let her do what she wants with you without question.


It is ridiculous to send a 'happy anniversary' email when she could be with you and isn't. and you AREN'T together so it didn't make it to 1 year 11 months.


It sounds like she just wants you to be on the back burner and available to her when she's in the mood to talk, like a favorite teddy bear to be clutched when she's in the mood or tossed on the floor when she's not.


I would tell her very plainly that if she ever makes up her mind to call you, but otherwise you won't be answering her texts or calls because you don't want her putting you on the back burner and you need to heal and move on if she won't be with you.

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