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Prayer Page : (This page is for everyone believers or non; just let it out)

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Heavenly Father,


I come before thee as humbily as i know how. I aknowledge your presecence in my life during the good times, the bad times and the times of indifference. God you've seen me travel too and fro and you know my actions, faults, and thoughts. You also know why I am here before you at the moment. I recognize that you are not pleased with my life and the choices I have made, so you have sent me a wake up call. Lord I recognize that heartbreak is something we all go through. That is both a chastizement and through the pain we are shaped into stronger more patient and faithful characters and I thank you for that. I ask for your forgiveness in the name of Jesus for any inequity that has brought me to this point in the pathway of life. Forgive me for putting all things first and you second, for treating your love, your care, your mercy, and your grace as a doormat it my life. Father you've made it clear that the only conditional love that exist is the love that you have for me. Others will use me, leave me in times of despair, but you said that if I keep my mind fixed upon you when those times come that you will give me the peace that surpasses all understanding. That you would comfort me, keep my mind at ease and walk with me in the midst of my trails. Lord I give you the glory because your word cannot come back void and if you said it then I know you will do it. Father God, can you open up my heart open up my soul, reach down into the depest darkest corners Lord and discard that which of darkness. Insert in me forgiveness, strength, love, kindness so that I may be able to set her free. That which you provided me with I neglected to honor you and do as you saw fit with it so you took my relationship away. I recognize this Father, and I further aknowledge your strength and displease with me. I thank you for you works, though it may look terrible now I know everything works together for the good. You purpose in my life will manifest, the relationship I had will be strengthed and she will be prepared for me if it is your will for my life. Father God teach me to seek the in spirit and in truth, teach me to guard my heart, teach me to make better decesions when it comes to the other sex that I may avoid such hurt, confusion and calamity. In the midst of my pain Lord I just want to say thank you. You have been better to me than I have been to myself. As much as I have back slidin, ran away from you, disobeyed, or whatever teh case may be you have been then waiting for me with open arms. I need your love right now Lord, I need your care right now, wrap your arms around me catch my tears, sooth my heart, speak to my spirit that I may be able to learn from this experience, grow from it and find the right direction. I put my trust and faith in you LORD. I thank you, praise you and uplift your name. All these things I bring before you in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!

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^^^^^ Very good post! I think many people can benefit from reading this, no matter what's going on in their lives...THANK YOU.


Freedom I just shared what was on my heart this morning. As one who is dealing with a break up, rather tahn continue to focus on the pain and hurt. I am seeking greater knowledge. No pain no gain, so this heartbreak is intended for my growth. I think many people lose focus of that and drown themselves in negativity. The spirit is like a light bulb, every now and then something happens that blows that light bulb out. Instead of sitting in darkness we need to find a way to change that light bulb, so that we can shine. That shine that we illuminate is what will bring us the love we've hoped for or be the light on the porch to welcome our ex's back when their lifes path have brought them there.

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